In today’s scenario, we have a great facility & opportunity available to buy anything on Monthly EMI. From Grocery to Car, Home Vacation anything we can buy on EMI. With the Help with the right SIP( Systematic Investment Plan), A Method to Buy Wealth in EMI, we can also accumulate wealth by Monthly Investment.    

When it comes to investment then most of us keep avoiding in the search for a large sum. We believe the Investment can only be done when we have enough money over & above on our spending. This never happens where we could save enough money over our spending. 

If I told you that from a small sum of Rs. 500 monthly you can start investing in the Indian equity market and enjoy the Power of Compounding over the period of time and accumulation of wealth. This process is called SIP- Systematic Investment Plan, when choosing a Right fund Suitable with your goal or Time Horizon. A goal can be anything like Tax Saving, Child Education, and Retirement, etc. 

The process is very simple & highly effective for the salary class people or Monthly Income professionals. Chose the right fund, Fix the monthly amount and you can start on a click-through various Mobile Application available in the market or through a Mutual Fund distributors. 

SIP is the best way to buy the wealth for your future goals along with your other EMIs. You can never postpone the upcoming events so it’s better to plan them as early as possible with the smallest amount & keep on increasing with the increment in the earning. 

You can start the SIP for any specific Goal, it may be for Retirement Planning, Children Planning, or Wealth Planning. Earlier there was nothing Like Wealth planning, Money was only to be kept for the Contingencies and Specific Requirements. With the help of Right Knowledge and Understanding now we can go for Wealth Planning as well. There can be a Specific Goal like accumulating Rs.1Cr. in any specific time. 

There is a Very Famous formula for accumulating Rs. 1 Cr. , if we invest Rs. 15000 per month for 15 years in a Product gets the compounding of 15%, it will make 1 Cr. , If we have 25 years then Monthly SIP will be only Rs. 3000 & for 35 years it will be Only Rs. 1000 Per Month. 

So with Right Knowledge and Implementation, even a Small Street vendor can also accumulate 1Cr. For his Retirement, if started earlier by investing only Rs. 1000 per year. 

All the Calculation can be checked at – 

‌All the views are personally unbiased & this has nothing to deal with promotion or demotion or any financial products. Investments in Mutual funds are subject to Market risk, please read the offer documents carefully before investing.

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