She was saying ” I am going to kiss you”.
I said to her “Not now. Please “

Ok, She Said, Not now but Pay Attention and Try to get the Best of every Moment coz I am gonna Take u wid Me very soon,
It’s the Eternity, want us to be Together.

I replied, ” Thank You for giving me the Best Advice of my Life- to Live Momenteously.”

From that time Onwards, She Always sits Beside Me, In front of Me, looks at me & I can always feel her Presence around Me, Her attempts to Kiss Me 🙂
She is Death, She is the best thing that can happen to anyone. She gives us the taste of a Medicine which everyone going to taste One Day around.
She Makes us all equal & Gives us a Life Purpose to Follow.

She is Certain & She is Obvious.

We can Only follow her Advise and Live Each Moment Joyfully!!

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