Most of the discussion with my friend and colleagues landed up with the kind of work they are doing for Living and utilizing their skills. The outcomes were very disappointing in terms of enjoying their jobs. Most of them are not at all happy with their Job, their bosses’ Pay grades, Sales Pressures, colleagues and blaw blaw blaw…What I realized that they are just doing for the sake of doing and they have been instructed to do. Instructed action doesn’t come from inside instead, someone else instructed to fulfill their desire and we used to follow for the sake of some rewards monetarily mostly after doing it. What if we will realize it 10 years down the line and want to quit, won’t be able to do so at that time, coz we haven’t kept any other option for ourselves, instead of following the instructions without even realizing that this is not what we ever wanted to do.

It is very important to realize what inspired us most in the early phase of life that will always keep us motivated to follow the path that lies inside. Soon we will realize that what I do for the living is actually what inspired me to do? If yes then our discussion will be no longer limited to pay grades, Workplace, or the job profile. When we will start following the inspired action, we will never feel the work pressure and always look for the value addition in our skills and the job.

Instructed action can only buy bread for our living but Inspired action will bring ultimate joy and luxury into our lives. Now the most important question arises, “how will we get to know what actually inspired us”? Realization is the best way to find out what we actually wanted to do and what we are actually doing for the sake of doing. There are lots of levels of realization; it depends on each person’s awareness. Be aware and asked to ourself, what value addition we are making in our work life with each passing day, if it remains nothing for a long time then this is not what we supposed to mean for and seriously we need to look for the alternate solutions.

Steve Jobs said:-” The Only Way to do great things is realizing that whatever we are doing is great”. We may not always know when we are receiving inner guidance, so the best advice is to just do whatever we feel guided to do, especially when it doesn’t seem to make sense.

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