Investment is only a Method of Investment in Mutual Funds...There are many other methods of Investment in Mutual Funds. Mutual Fund Investments are extremely customizable as per your Objective & Investment Requirements.

You can Invest One time That we call Lumpsum Investment and keep doing top-up in the same Fund or Folio whenever you have extra amount, Also withdraw.

You can Keep the Money in any safe Funds -Liquid Fund or Any Ultrashort term Fund for hedging the Inflation and Invest a Fix amount at a Certain Frequency (daily, Weekly, Monthly) into an Equity fund to get the benefit of dual Return and Power of Averaging. We called this Method of Investment is STP (Systematic Transfer Plan).

Any retired Person received large SUM after retirement and wanted that to keep safe, growing, and also want an extra income through the Returns. That Money can be Invested in any Hybrid category of Funds or according to a Proper Asset Allocation and scheduled a Payout from the Return to that person. This method is called as SWP- Systematic Withdrawl Plan.

Mutual Funds are full of Choices, you can always find the Correct Method and Product if having Money For Investment and a Clear Objective of Investment.

Always connect with a Good Financial Advisor for Proper & Clean Investment.

Investment in Mutual Funds is Subject to Market Risk.

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