Many people were asking questions to me about my personal Investment Portfolio Composition. Being a Consultant & Trainer in Mutual Fund, it was quite understandable for me to design my Portfolio & I have tried to keep it in a very Balanced approach. I am Running X amount of SIPs ( Not disclosing the actual amount as people tend to match the same, you can choose as per your comfort level & need) under the below-mentioned Categories.

1- Mid & Large Cap– I am running two SIPs under this category to cover the riskier movement and generate the return on the Higher Side. Funds That I have chosen in this category are – Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip & Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund. Both these funds are 4 & 5 Star rated funds and having the potential to grown at an exponential level.

2-Pure Largecap, MidCap, SmallCap Funds– I have chosen one fund in each of these categories from the same AMC, Funds are- Axis Bluechip Fund, Axis Midcap Fund, Axis Small Cap Fund. All these funds are 5 star rated funds and best in the category as per my understanding & research. I am having an extra MidCap Fund in the Portfolio – Mirae MidCap Fund. Performance of Mirae Mutual fund has been really impressive over the time so have taken units of its mid-cap fund at the time of NFO and also running a SIP in it.

3- Contra, Muticap & Index Fund– I am also having one fund of each mentioned categories to Balance the portfolio – Contra Funds are likely to have LargeCap Funds but with a different strategy, they may generate better returns than pure LargeCap over the years. Contra Fund which I have Selected is Kotak EQ Contra Fund, I have also invested in Kotak Focus Equity – A Multicap Fund & IDBI Nifty Index Fund to cater to the Index Movement in my Portfolio.

4- Sectoral Funds– Since sectoral funds are likely to be the highest Risky funds but in the same manner, it creates bigger wealth if managed properly. I have made my bet in SBI Banking & Financial Services fund. I am running a SIP and also doing continuous top-up whenever having extra money to build a strong wealth foundation over the years. I am also running a SIP in Mirae Consumer fund coz India is one of the biggest Consumption economies in the world and this analysis makes it a must-have fund in the portfolio. One can also go for Kotak Infra fund if the investment horizon is more than 5 years, though I have not kept in my portfolio.

5- Foreign Funds, FOFs & ETFs- To make a Complete balanced Portfolio, I have opened another SIP in Fund of Fund- Franklin US Opportunity Fund & Foreign Fund- Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 ETF. These two funds are giving me exposure in Foreign companies and generating higher returns comparative to Indian Companies. I have also Invested in Gold ETF for hedging Purpose but seems golden Investment in current Time.

By All Means, I have tried to make a Balance Portfolio catering all the aspects of generating revenue with my Investments. My funds are giving me good returns, one can check the Performance of each fund on Moneycontrol as I have already disclosed the names.

I am also using an Ultra Short term fund to park my saving & Contingency Money- Kotak Low Duration Fund, This fund also giving me a return in the range to 7–8% with peace of security.

You can also check your Goals and Objectives and start the SIP anytime at- SIP Calculator.

Investment in Mutual Funds is Subject to Market Risk.

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