A choice is always better than without any choice….but what to choose. Choose to be miserable or motivated, it’s always about the choices.

Most of us always assume that most of our actions and decisions are the result of some kind of free will process and get trapped with this believe in our minds. The truth is that we always have a choice in our lives, everything we feel, we face and we experience is the result of choices we have made. If we want a better result, simply made the better choice as simple as that.

The choices we have are always about ourselves, not the things around us. Like we cannot make a choice about the weather today but we can choose our behavior. We have free will to choose, if someone is in poverty or someone having more than enough money, it’s all about the choices they have made for themselves. “We born poor is a chance, but we die poor is our choice”.

There are leaders and followers. The leaders take charge of where they are going. The followers choose from the options that the leaders present to them. Education seems to be the determining factor in who is a leader and who is a follower. How you get that education may be from books (self taught), schooling, or learning from observation. Again it’s our choice to expand the horizon of our knowledge and performed as a leader in life or just chooses from the option available as a follower.

The first important choice we can make is to be mindful, aware and present in each and every moment. The other choice is to repeat the same patterns over and over again, thereby depriving ourselves of more choices….Remember we always have a choice whether to choose or leave.

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